Seven Hives ERP User Guides and References

Supplier Management

If your business involves physical goods, the supplier management aspect is one of your key business activations. Your suppliers are as important as your customers and need to be served quickly and provided with accurate information. Seven Hives ERP contains a set of features that will make your buying process efficient and seamless. Our platform will streamline your product and purchasing procedures from buying until payments, UOM capabilities, unique product identification, stock projections and centralize purchase orders.

Supplier information

Register and store contact information, account and bank details for all your suppliers in one central database. You will be able to be in contact with multiple suppliers at the same time by utilizing our integrated email feature.

Purchase Orders and Quotes

Create and send quotes and purchase orders to all your registered suppliers by accessing the central database. Send proposals and quotes in one go to several vendors, to guarantee best price and availability. You will also able to track the purchase receipt once the deal has been accepted.

MOQ and Product Delivery Lead-Time

Keep track of key parameters such as your supplier MOQ and delivery lead-time from all your suppliers to ensure optimum product delivery for your inventory.

Material Requests and Stock Entries

Be in full control and maintain the material flow to multiple warehouses and stores, by simplifying and automating material requests from suppliers-to-warehouse and warehouse-to-warehouse.