Seven Hives ERP User Guides and References


Seven Hives ERP will give you the ability to gain visibility to run operations while increasing overall speed and efficiency, which will result in higher customer satisfaction. Our manufacturing module will help you manage, plan and execute all the tasks needed to operate the production unit like an elite floor general. It will aid you in key processes such as production planning, product costing, creating production orders and work orders. Master the material requirement planning process by utilizing the requirements collected from production orders and BOMs. Furthermore, data input will be an effortless task and shared across the entire manufacturing unit. Having a centralized information system will provide the parameters needed to streamline and automate the entire workflow.

Multi-level Bill of Material

Get a complete breakdown of item-variations by creating a multi-level BOM. A single item can be broken down to sub-assemblies, which can be broken down further into sub-elements and raw material. Create and maintain a list of all materials and operations needed to produce a production order. Assign cost for materials and time for operations, in order to streamline the resource allocation process. Get a complete overview and awareness of how resources are being distributed and used in real-time

Production and Work-Order Planning

High-level planning has never been this easy. Scheduling a production slot is done by using a collaborative calendar which is shared across functions. Automatically track material movements by linking the production order, bill of materials and inventory optimal resource planning. Track progress with time sheets and record successful production order by registering finished goods as a stock entry to dedicated warehouses.

Product Costing

Get a direct insight into product costing by capturing material usage and operational costs. This feature gives the costing structure on a sub-assembly level, estimating the assembly time and material cost in a complete breakdown. Gross and profit margin calculation have never been this easy.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

The system will utilise the MRP method and will be able to estimate and calculate backwards, giving you the ability to follow the entire production cycle and estimate resources needed. It will break down the total need of material and plan it into the production schedule. The main benefit of utilizing MRP is the production will be completed in a timely manner, while inventory levels and related carrying costs are kept to a minimum.

Employee Efficiency

Maintaining a high efficiency across your production lines is one of the most important KPIs for a manufacturing company. Time per task and material wastage must be measurable in order to streamline and maintain a high production efficiency. Compare the estimations with real-life results to get a close to perfect understanding of the operational performance and dissect possible bottlenecks.