Seven Hives ERP User Guides and References


This module is closely integrated with other modules and dynamically displays a detailed overview of available stock. Also, it has the ability to forecast customer sales patterns to balance the supply and demand. Customer satisfaction is of utmost priority for any organization. Seven Hives ERP is the solution for customer retention, as it manages all your related marketing and sales activities such as discounted offers, product bundles, and product promotions.

Customer Management

Manage multiple clients with ease by storing all necessary contact information in one place. You can track communication with your leads and customers. Keep engaging your clients by sending the occasional newsletter and send quotes when they are ready to order.

Multi-Store Management

Manage multiple stores indifferent locations and online seamlessly with Seven Hives ERP. Manage all your operations remotely, communicate between different branches and analyse real-time reports.

Pricing Rules and Product Campaigns

Create multiple customer profiles with predefined discounts. Manage pricing, customer discount rules and product campaigns to engage your customers.

Website and Ecommerce

Create a compelling shopping experience across all channels. You can link your website to your Seven Hives ERP and update product pictures and stock levels effortlessly within the platform for instant change and improvements.

Product Bundles

Combine different products for discounted deals to increase product value and power your overall sales figures.

Terms and Condition and Taxation rules

Manage multiple clients with ease by storing all necessary contact information in one place. Create templates for your T&Cs and taxation tariffs for different customers that are tailored to their countries’ regulations.

Customer Quotes

Handle quotes with ease by defining payment terms, shipping rules, taxation rules, terms and conditions in one instance. Being transparent at both ends of the negotiation table will speed up the process and get you closer to finalizing a sales order.

Sales Orders

Leave no room for misinterpretation between you and your customers, by transforming an agreed quote to a final sales order. List pricing, item names, quantities, delivery dates, terms of delivery, payments and much more.