Seven Hives ERP User Guides and References


The HR-module comes with a complete toolkit of features to manage your employee efficiently. Define roles, responsibilities and salary structures. Manage recruitment of new personnel, schedule and plan employee vacations as according to their workload. Furthermore, an employee database is included, with features such as contact information, salary details, attendance, performance reviews and appraisal records. Taxation rules can be predefined to deduct taxes from employee payrolls. It is a complete solution for managing your human resources and will keep both the management and workforce at ease.

Employee Profile and Responsibilities

Define the profile and roles of your employees along with their responsibilities and accesses. You will be able to manage and overview both in-house and outsourced personnel within one module.

Employee Salary

Decide the employment and salary structure of the workforce hierarchy to manage permanent, temporary and hourly paid personnel. The best part of this feature is that once the information has been put in the system, you will be able to calculate salaries and payslips with a few simple clicks.

Attendance, Leaves and Claim sheets

Employees can easily apply for leave by using the Seven Hives platform. It is seamlessly integrated with your payroll and accounting department. Furthermore, it has features that cover recruitment, training, and appraisals.

Fleet Management

This feature helps you list, manage and overview your fleet of vehicles and track expenses such as maintenance and fuel consumption.

Employee Loans

Seven Hives ERP has the capability to register and credit it to dedicated accounts. Lend money to employees and assess the impact it will have on your cash flow and calculate the payback rate.