Seven Hives ERP User Guides and References


The accounts module is a financial management tool that oversees your accounts by providing a series of multi-level charts and custom financial statements. It has features to help you keep track your business expenses, VATs and tax rules for multiple countries, salaries and assets. Staying up-to-date with all financial information related to your company has never been easier.

Billing and Journal Entries

Register and keep track of all raised sales invoices from customers. Also, manage all purchase invoices from suppliers for merchandise and materials provided. Lastly make journal entries for accounting entries such as payments, credits, and expenses.

Accounting Statements

Seven Hives ERP is a platform that communicates with all functions across your business, making book keeping effortless, with all entries registered in the same system. You will be able to oversee key parameters such as opening balance, gross profit, business cash flow, balance sheets, and profit and loss.

Expenditures and Cost Centres

Get a detailed overview of all your cost centres across the business, to get a clear overview of your expenses, such as salaries, travel costs, telephone bills and more. You will be able to pinpoint excess spending and become more cost-effective in your daily operations.


You can make accounting entries in multiple currencies. In addition, when dealing with multiple currencies, Seven Hives ERP has a Currency Exchange module for managing exchange rates. It allows you to save the exchange rate quotes you require.