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We know it is difficult to find the right tool that fit your business like a well tailored suit. We do not encourage the one-size-fits-all policy and we believe that every business has its own personality and its own needs.

Customer Database

We believe that a properly organised Customer Database is an important part of your business’ success.

For this purpose, SevenHives gives you the tool to manage your clients and your contacts, keep track of their journey and the full history of calls, meetings, opportunities and other actions that your team deems necessary to make a successful sale.

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Robust Marketing Services

SevenHives has the power to bring your team closer to those who might be interested in your products or services and assist your team with the entire lifecycle of a Lead, from its creation to its conversion The various metrics provided by SevenHives let your own sales and marketing team identify and pursue only the ones with the highest chance of conversion.

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Product / Sales Management

Our CRM platform allows you to keep track of your products and services, while also making it intuitive to sell them.

You can manage your products, generate quotes for your clients and be aware at all times about the status of each quote and at the same time personalise your quotes to match your own style.

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Unified Communication

How important is it for you to keep your communication with your clients alive? If you believe it to be as important as your business ability to rise above the competition, then our CRM is the means to achieve it.

All your communication channels, e-mails, calls, even your Social Media are centralised into an easy-to-use interface, where you can manage them into making your life and your business bigger and better.

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It is a known fact that your clients will have questions and will sometimes encounter difficulties in dealing with your products or services.

With SevenHives, offering your support to your customers is as easy as it can get. Keep track of each request, assign it to the right team member and report back to your client is intuitive and efficient. On top of that, you can see how fast each ticket is handled to let you increase your team’s productivity.

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The SevenHives mission

In the business world, one can constantly hear that the road to success requires a large team and lots of money. People will suggest to invest in many tools and software that, though useful for your business, comes along with either too many features that are not used at all or not enough tools that your business needs.

At SevenHives, we made it our mission to help you get the tool that is the perfect fit for your own business needs. No more tools with too many options or not enough options. We don’t just provide you with a standard tool, we don’t provide you a CRM software and we definitely don’t provide your business with “just another software” to use.

Our software will target your business directly and provide you with a digital solution where you will make maximum use of every feature. Yes, you read correctly: every feature included in your personal hive will be specifically chosen and implemented into your customized software in such a way that you will not have any gaps in your tools and you will not have tools that are not needed.

Our CRM software is


We are constantly working to make our software bigger and better and our team is there to help you.

You need training how to use the CRM to its fullest capacity, we will be with you to provide training.

You encounter a problem with your software, our team will fix it with top priority.


Over time your business will expand and your software requirements will also become bigger.

SevenHives CRM is a fully scalable platform, so you don’t have to worry about it. Additional modules can be added at any time to continuously match your business needs.


An overcrowded software not only does not help your business grow, but rather will make it chaotic. Constantly struggling to find the right feature will take your valuable time instead of allowing you to focus on converting your leads.

SevenHives CRM is not your standard CRM and it is tailored to your business needs every time, all the time.

SevenHives has been created to serve you

Although SevenHives CRM is a very customisable solution that can be tailored to fit a high variety of business requirements, our goal is to ensure that it provides the best approach for the following businesses

  • Manufacturing

    SevenHives for manufacturing companies allow them to have a detailed overview of their customers' needs and requirements. With SevenHives it will be easier for the organization to understand their customers and make smarter decisions, more quickly. Seven Hive’s every strategy is mainly aimed on increasing profits as well as giving sales a boost.

    Prospective customers (dealers) are farther down their buying process with access to internet resources so the sales team has to be geared up and prepared. Additionally today's customers also call for more attention and higher quality services. These facts should all be taken into consideration.

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  • Communication/media

    SevenHives in Media/Communication sectors has ability to deliver the solutions that customers need. SevenHives will acts as the connective tissue linking customers with lead generation, sales, operations, strategists, optimizers and the various other roles involved in today’s media sales process.

    SevenHives can help media/communication employees to unlock the secrets of customer relationships, which can take profitability of the company to a higher level that facilitates the entire business process.

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  • Health care

    Healthcare organizations ever have ample consumer data, but what’s often missing is the ability to integrate and apply data in a meaningful way.

    SevenHives improve efficiency, greater dependency on human labor can lead to missed activities, data entry errors, double entries, inaccurate entries, and filing errors. However, with SevenHives, the intake process can be simplified. There will be no errors and significant improvements in accuracy.

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  • Retail / Distribution

    SevenHives in retail/distribution can increase customer satisfaction, reduce your costs and improve your company's performance in the marketplace. SevenHives manages your relationships with individual customers to create advantages for both parties.

    A retailer’s/distributor relationship with their customer is key to repeat store visits or vendors repetition of orders, brand loyalty and ultimately sales conversions. SevenHives in retail /distribution sector help them to win the battle for sales in these competitive times, collecting data on shoppers/vendors and using the information to personalise discounts and rewards.

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  • Financial

    SevenHives has a tendency of banking sector to establish and maintain long-term relationships with customers in order to provide value for customers and banks. This concept allows bank to identify, segment, communicate and build long-term relationships with customers on individual basis.

    In today's business environment, banks have aim to identify customers and to adjust offer to meet customer`s needs, in order to maximize profits. Using SevenHives is becoming a method to maintain existing structure and development of high quality customer base.

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  • Public sector

    SevenHives will greatly increase the efficiency and cost effectiveness of public sector organizations facilitating, automating and streamlining interactions between employees, service providers and customers. Collaboration and productivity tools reduce duplication of effort and make day-to-day tasks easier for employees.

    SevenHives is an area in which the public sector can extract from the business world. Know your customers, listen to them, respond to them, keep them informed, and make it easy for them to interact with you, it will ultimately save your organization time and money chasing a disengaged population.

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  • Non-profit organization

    SevenHives can drastically enhance productivity in non-profit organization, give you a broader view of your constituents, and allow for a higher level of communication throughout your nonprofit.

    SevenHives allows you to have major key factors likes, better understand those involved, automate tasks, increase productivity, and access your information anywhere, better volunteer data.

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Stories of our happy clients

We are happy to hear the stories of our happy users. Every business is important and every business matters to us. Below are some of our most successfull clients

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